2023/10/06 - 2023/10/08 MunichTMS Symposium Munich


Transcranial stimulation is a versatile tool to manipulate brain activity with sometimes long lasting effects. Especially TMS demonstrates promising results in the therapy of various neurological and psychiatric diseases like major depression, OCD and others.

However, promising study results are often hard to replicate due to the many variables which should be considered during transcranial stimulation studies. Those variables can be stimulation parameters, anatomical and physiological factors, the general variability of biomarkers such as MEPs and many more.

For this reason, Localite is proud to support leading scientists and physicians in exploring ways to reduce the inter- and intra-variability of transcranial stimulation studies. As a manufacturer of navigation systems with 20+ years of experience in this field we strive every day to increase stimulation precision by controlling and documenting as many variables as possible.

We are looking forward to present our newest hardware as well as software developments and to engage in stimulating discussions.


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