16.05.2024 Press Release

Localite Announces Cooperation With Magnus Medical for the Integration of its Navigation Technology

The SAINT® Neuromodulation System Represents a Breakthrough in Therapy of Treatment-Resistant Major Despressive Disorder (MDD)


Bonn, Germany, May 16, 2024 – Localite, a leading company in the manufacture of navigation systems for transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS), announces its cooperation with Magnus Medical (Burlingame, California) [1]. With the SAINT® neuromodulation system Magnus Medical has developed an innovative solution for treatment-resistant depression. Navigation technology from Localite will be integrated into SAINT®.

"Our navigation systems are used by leading scientists worldwide to explore new treatment paradigms. The 'Localite TMS Navigator' was an indispensable tool also in developing the treatment protocol underlying the SAINT® System, known as 'Stanford Neuromodulation Therapy' (SNT) [2][3]," said Sven Arnold, one of the managing partners at Localite. "We are very proud that these research results are now being translated into clinical application – as this aligns perfectly with our mission."

Arnold referred to the 'Localite TMS Navigator TS', cleared by the U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA), which is integrated into Magnus Medical's product along with a TMS stimulator from MagVenture [4].

His business partner, Martin Bublat, elaborated, "Our solutions incorporate many years of experience from surgical navigation. Reliability and precision are of utmost importance there. These qualities are also the cornerstones of modern personalized TMS treatment."

"SAINT neuromodulation therapy is distinguished by its precision throughout the treatment process from exact brain targeting to accurate administration of stimulation doses and treatment methods,” continued Christian Gormsen, President and CEO of Magnus Medical. “The best in class quality and FDA clearance of Localite’s navigation products instills trust in the SAINT neuronavigation technique.”

In June Localite will be present at the Clinical TMS Society (cTMSS) annual meeting in London.

About Localite

Founded in 2001, Localite GmbH specializes in the development of navigation systems, including for non-invasive brain stimulation. The company's mission is to actively participate in cutting-edge research and transform the findings into medical devices for the healthcare system. Scientists around the world use Localite's navigation systems to better understand the human brain and explore new treatment options. Clinically, the "Localite TMS Navigator TS" assists physicians in targeted brain stimulation for the treatment of mental disorders.

For more information, visit www.localite.de.


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[4] https://www.magventure.com/


Sven Arnold

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