Teams at Work: Our Partners

As our customer you may have complex requirements that need to be adressed using different technologies. Having this in mind we work together with strong partners that have proven to be experts in their fields.

Together we team up to provide integrated solutions that are tailored to fit the needs of the one we care about most: You.



Powerful Stimulation

MagVenture's TMS Equipment for Research and Therapy

Our partner MagVenture offers high quality solutions for a wide range of applications for therapy and research including interleaved TMS/fMRI and double-blind studies. Their long-term expertise and innovative features provide you with a tailored solution for your individual demands. With their numerous available stimulators and coils you can be sure to receive the optimal set-up for your TMS application. Click here to discover their extensive portfolio.

Combining Localite and MagVenture equipment will provide you with a turnkey solution fascilitating your TMS workflow in several ways - from convenience software features to easy to use hardware accessories.


Axilum Robotics

Automatic and Safe TMS

Axilum Robotic's TMS Robots Combine Highest Accuracy with Comfort and Safety

Our partner Axilum Robotics revolutionizes the application of TMS with their intrinsically safe and precise TMS robots. With their robotic solutions they help establishing protocols for TMS ensuring the highest levels of accuracy and repeatability. Take a look at their homepage to get information on the different variants of TMS robots they can offer:

For full automatization (of coil placement and movement control), the TMS robots can be piloted by our Localite TMS Navigator and seamlessy integrated with MagVenture's cooled coil systems.


Brain Products

Expert EEG Solutions

BrainProduct's solutions for your neurophysiological research

Our partner BrainProducts can provide the optimal soft- and hardware for a broad range of EEG application fields such as combined EEG/fMRI. Their solutions are of high quality and are characterized by an easy usability and great reliability.

Visit their website to learn more about their broad range of available products.
Please also check our EEG PinPoint as well as the EEG module for our TMS Navigator as supportive tools in combination with EEG and EEG/TMS experiments.

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Axilum Robotics

Brain Products