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Premium navigation for highest demands. Configurable components for tailored solutions.


Navigated Stimulation

Localite TMS Navigator is a navigation system for transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) which is configurable according to your needs and wishes. With Localite TMS Navigator you can plan stimulation areas and monitor and record the correct positioning of patient and coil.


Freedom of Choice

Pragmatic workflows to improve clinical routine or comprehensive features to address new research topics — Localite TMS Navigator adapts to your demands. And is extensible.

Classic Edition

The most flexible and versatile solution for navigated brain stimulation. With or without individual image data.


MR-Compatible Edition

Navigation inside the MR scanner. High-End solution for advanced research.


Robotic Edition

Automatic coil positioning with the TMS Robot by Axilum Robotics. Intrinsical safe.


Classic Edition

With or Without MRI

Operate your navigation system based upon an individual MRI dataset or using an individually adapted standard model: Choose the variant suited to your application.

MR-Based System

Choose the MR-Based System if you like to navigate using individual MRI data. You will experience extensive possibilities to utilize individual anatomical as well as functional data and to plan magnetic stimulation.

MR-Less System

The MR-Less System supports navigated stimulation even if no individual MRI is available. For this purpose a standard dataset will be warped to match the individual's head. Coil positions will be documented and can be safely reproduced in subsequent sessions.

These options are not mutually exclusive: Both variants can be combined in your configuration.


Configurable Components

Extending the essential editions you are offered the possibility to configure hard- and software components individually. As result you will receive a system that is tailored to your specific demand and suits to your budget.

Functional Data

Allows to import functional MRI or nuclear medicine images. Supported data formats are: DICOM, NIfTI, Analyze and Interfile. To map functional data onto anatomical data Localite TMS Navigator features intuitive step-by-step registration procedures. As soon as images are coregistrated functional information can be overlayed and the visualization can be adjusted in color and opacity. Thus, preinterventional functional data can be incorporated to improve planning of stimulation.


Step by step you are guided through the acquisition of electrode positions. You can select the applicable EEG system from a list of predefined patterns — or simply create one by yourself. Even without anatomical data you are able to export the patterns into different coordinate systems (DICOM, MNI, Talairach).

The EEG module is not available for TMS Navigator TS.

MagVenture Stimulator Connection Package

Everything at a glance. The connection package links your MagVenture Stimulator with your TMS Navigator. From now on information like temperature or amplitude will be displayed directly in the software interface. But there is more: Communication is also possible the other way round — important parameters can be transmitted to the stimulator. This simplifies the process, because information you would enter manually can now be exchanged automatically.

Stimulation Response Export

Stimulation Response Export lets you export stimulation data (location, amplitude) along with the acquired stimulation responses (e.g. MEP) as functional image data. Thus, you are able to create a comprehensive documentation of stimulation and its effects. The resulting image data can be imported into a navigation system again any time later.


FDA cleared

TMS Navigator TS

Localite TMS Navigator TS is the FDA cleared variant of our well-known navigation platform standing for a proven, precise and personal technology.

With TMS Navigator TS you can achieve the highest possible accuracy and maintain yourself the flexibility to personalize your TMS treatment to the uniqueness of your patient’s brain.

For the clinician, we offer the flexibility to personalize his TMS treatment to the patient: Using individual MRIs is just as possible as falling back to a standard brain (MNI) that will be adapted to the patient. For target definition you are free to use either brain atlases, anatomical and even functional information - your treatment, your choice.

  • Highest precision with optical tracking - grant your patients nothing less than the gold standard of tracking technologies.
  • Individualization by using either MRIs or individualized standard templates - no MRIs are mandatory to offer an effective treatment to your patients
  • Versatile treatment planning by either using universal targets based on an MNI library or personalized targets based on functional or anatomical information
  • Integration with your MagVenture stimulator enables automatic documentation of your treatment protocol
  • Flexibility to choose your setup - our new system cart comes together with a cart for the camera of your choice to optimize the positioning during treatments.

With our TMS Navigator TS you will be able to reach your target effortless and reliable - thus accomplishing your TMS treatments.



Built upon a team with a strong scientific background Localite is a perfect partner for addressing advanced scientific challenges. The Localite TMS Navigator evolves continuously as a result of ongoing cooperations with renowned brain researchers. Our team strives to meet our high standards in functionality and quality not only today but also in the future. This is the reason why Localite TMS Navigator is used in university hospitals and research institutions worldwide.


MR-Compatible Edition

Navigation Inside the MRI

The MR-Compatible Edition is an especially adapted version of Localite TMS Navigator to function in the MR environment. Long lasting experiences out of research cooperations with interventional MRI made this solution possible. Carefully selected materials and special electronical filters allow to operate the navigation systeme side-by-side with the tomograph.


Robotic Edition

Automatic Positioning

Localite TMS Navigator is also available as a Robotic Edition for automatic coil positioning. In close cooperation with our partner Axilum Robotics SAS we have explored new ways to a fully automatic robotic assisted TMS. Patient safety, accuracy and usability have been the core goals during these developments. The main functionalities of this solutions are:

  • Intrinsical safety of the robot by design
  • Automatical compensation of patient movement
  • Creation of complex stimulation scenarios
  • Feedback based repositioning of coils

Naturally, the robotic edition can be equipped with all necessary components to be used without the robot also.


Medical Device

FDA clearance / CE mark

In the EU, Localite TMS Navigator products and accessories are CE marked medical devices.

In the U.S., only Localite TMS Navigator TS is FDA cleared for following intended use:

The TMS Navigator TS helps users to plan, implement and document treatment involving TMS of the brain. The system provides planning and navigation functions using anatomical MR data. Regions of the brain to be stimulated can be determined on the basis of anatomy, functional areas or by entering previously calculated coordinates from brain atlases. The product is intended for use with the MagVenture therapy systems supplied by Tonica Elektronik A/S (Farum, Denmark), more precisely the R20 and R30 stimulators, the R30 TMS stimulator with MagOption, the X100 stimulator and the X100 stimulator with MagOption only with following magnetic coils: C-100, C-B60, Cool-B65, Cool-B70, Cool D-B80, MC-125, MC-B70, MCF-75, MCF-125, MCF-B65 and MMC-140-II.

Outside the EU, other editions (MR-compatible edition, robotic edition) are for research use only.

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Classic Edition

FDA Cleared Edition

MR-Compatible Edition

Robotic Edition