The Localite EEG PinPoint is based on optical tracking and offers the possibility to acquire EEG electrode positions easily and with highest accuracy. Take advantage of the high precision of the acquired data during subsequent processing. Due to our longtime experience our EEG PinPoint systems are featured by outstanding ergonomics and robustness known from our established product portfolio.

EEG PinPoint Features

After selecting the used EEG system you will be lead step-by-step through our electrode acquisition wizard. Besides the number of predefined EEG patterns arbitrary patterns with electrodes and anatomical landmarks can be defined easily.
Within the wizard all electrode positions will be acquired with the pointer.
Afterwards the acquired positions can be reviewed and exported. For the export several export configurations are provided. All established data formats are supported. Additionally new export data formats can be integrated in the system in a simple way.

EEG PinPoint Plus Features

Reach the highest precision with the EEG PinPoint Plus: In addition to the EEG PinPoint features in the EEG PinPoint Plus an individual MRI data set is used to localize the electrode positions. First the image data needs to be registered onto the patient in an intuitive and well-proven two-step procedure known from our LOCALITE TMS Navigator. Then the electrode positions can be acquired with the pointer.
To export the acquired electrode positions different coordinate spaces of the used image data set as well as standard coordinate spaces are available.



Besides the comprehensive feature pack of the Localite EEG PinPoint system  there is always the possibility to upgrade to our Localite TMS Navigator.

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